If You Have A Bill
California's Hospital Fair Pricing Act limits the amount hospitals can charge self-pay patients.

Please help us make the Hospital Fair Pricing law work by reporting any suspected failures or violations online.

Violations that should be reported include:

  • Hospital did not give you written notice that they have a discount payment policy.
  • Hospital provided written notice in English but you can not read English.
  • Hospital refused to give you an application for their discount payment program.
  • Hospital did not let you set up a reasonable payment plan, insisted on unreasonably high monthly payments.
  • Hospital refused to accept your application for financial aid.
  • Hospital took your application but did not process it or make a final determination.
  • Hospital improperly denied your application for financial aid (example: hospital denied you access to the Fair Price discount because of your assets when you are income eligible).

The hospital will not know who complained – just check the box that says you wish to remain anonymous. Help us hold hospitals accountable to stop overcharging of uninsured and underinsured patients by filing your complaint today!